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Automated quoting and order entry for brokers and carriers
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Win more freight

Make better decisions

Illuminate the revenue sitting in your inbox. Get the win/loss data you need

Improve win / loss rates

Put the tools in place to quote more, quote faster and win more freight

Sharpen your pricing

You've invested in pricing tools - now put them at your rep's finger tips
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Automated Email Quoting

Structured Quotes

AI powered extraction of key quote information - whatever the format. Automated email classification identifies quotes automatically.

Automated Rating

Automatically price the freight instantly using your preferred pricing tools.

Professional Responses

Generate professional quote responses, however your customers wants them.

Revenue Analytics

Detailed analytics of opportunities by win/loss status, lane, customer, rep and more.




Eliminate manual order entry

Scale, without headcount

Put tools in place to increase order volume without adding more staff.

Reduce cost per load

The long tail of shippers are expensive to serve - now there's a better way.

Eliminate data errors

Stop making data entry mistakes that cause billing and operational issues.
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Automated Order Entry

Powered By AI

Computer vision and natural language processing achieves human level accuracy.

Orders From Any Source

Vooma reads load data from PDF orders and rate confirmations, spreadsheets, plain text emails or screenshots - you name it.

Document Review

Intuitively review results before sending to your TMS. Vooma learns how you want your data structured.

Simple TMS Integrations

Push orders to your TMS through EDI or API. Integrated with major providers.

Trusted by leading operators

Brett Suma - CEO, Loadsmith
Anything I can do to help my team spend time on business drivers not data entry is a win. Vooma gives our sales team time back to focus on closing business.

Trusted by leading logistics companies of all sizes

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and more

Built by former operators from leading freight tech companies

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Trusted by small and mid-sized owners and operators

Griggs Freight Services
Most of the systems we’ve looked at are too complicated for a trucking company of our size. Vooma is simple but powerful because it does everything you need.

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